VirTech Bio presenting at the Florida Venture Summit Dec. 6, 2022

MIAMI, FL.   COL(R) Dallas Hack, MD, CEO of VirTech Bio, will present the advancements of OxyBridge™, a novel Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier (HBOC) solution for use when tissue oxygenation is required but blood is not an option (Patent 11504417, issued 11.22.22).   Dr. Hack became CEO of VirTech Bio in March 2022.  He had previously served the company as the Director of Medical affairs since 2017, when he discovered that VirTech had made substantial progress in meeting the need for an HBOC after many other companies had failed.  “I believe OxyBridge is the most advanced human-derived HBOC in development,” said Dr. Hack, “And as a Command Surgeon in Iraq and Afghanistan and the former Director of the US Army Combat Casualty Care Research Program (CCCRP) I know it’s the #1 medical research priority for the DoD to deliver this life-saving platform.   For civilians, too, it can help reduce the nearly 2 million deaths per year due to blood loss.”  COL(R) Hack added, “This is personal for me, after what I experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. I deeply understand how vital this science is.”

VirTech Bio has previously raised seed funding of $6.7 MM which leverages $13.7 MM awarded in non-dilutive funding to date, primarily from the DoD.  With proof-of-concept studies completed, the company has embarked on the next phase of development, cGMP production and IND-enabling preclinical studies.  The company is seeking equity investment of $5M to complement and accelerate product development for both the hemorrhagic shock market and a potentially earlier approval as a device supporting organs prior to transplant.  The Florida Venture Summit is being held in Miami (Dec. 6 -7, 2022) and is billed as a premier event ‘Where Innovation Meets Capital™’.  More information about the summit can be found here:   You can also learn more about Young Startup Ventures here:

VirTech Bio is an early-stage biotech company based in Natick, MA.  The Company has developed a proprietary human-derived Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier (HBOC) solution for applications including severe blood loss and support for organs prior to transplant.   Our team of scientists, engineers and industry veterans are committed to delivering a universal HBOC solution to fulfill significant unmet medical needs and save lives when minutes matter.  For more information about VirTech Bio contact us at: [email protected].