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It’s About Time



The most advanced human-derived HBOC platform in development for hemorrhagic shock and donor organ transplants.
When blood is not an option.

It's urgent:

0 Million
Die per Year from Blood Loss

Trauma is the leading cause of death for young adults in both military and civilian populations. Over 30% of trauma patients die from hemorrhagic shock and 50% of these deaths occur during the pre-hospital period.

It’s about time. A hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier has been sought for time-critical trauma victims and pre-transplant donor organ support for decades. 


Hemorrhagic Shock

In emergencies, before transport to the hospital, blood is rarely an option but oxygenation of vital organs may be critical.  Hemorrhage can also be life-threatening in patients who are unable to receive a blood transfusion.  OxyBridge™ may be a bridge to transfusion or even an alternative. Stockpiles for disaster emergencies and DoD applications for combat casualty care are envisioned.
Medical team in a hurry carrying organ transplants box by ambulance during pandemic

Donor Organ Transplant

VirTech has a research partnership with a European organ perfusion device manufacturer. Use of OxyBridge™ in such a device allows organs to be warmed and oxygenated prior to transplantation and studies show improved outcomes.  When used ex vivo in an organ perfusion device, OxyBridge will be regulated as a device as well. Market entry in early 2025 is anticipated.

OxyBridge™ Benefits

VirTech Bio Strategic Advantages

Regulatory Challenges Addressed


OxyBridge™ addresses FDA’s HBOC toxicity concern: megapolymer design prevents blood pressure increase


No costly factory to be built. Designed for manufacturing by CMO – FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies – with FDA CMC  experience


First indication is pre-transplant organ perfusion – ex vivo device has lower regulatory hurdles

VirTech Bio Management Team

COL(R) Dallas Hack

COL(R) Dallas Hack, MD, MPH
CEO & Director, Medical Affairs
  • US Army, Multinational Force Iraq Command Surgeon
  • Director, Combat Casualty Care, 2008-2014
  • Coordinated $2Billion in R&D funding

[email protected]

Matias Vidal

Matias Vidal
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

COL(R) Hack served as Senior Medical Advisor to the Principal Assistant, Research and Technology, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) from 2014 to 2015, where he coordinated Brain Health research. 

W. Richard Light

W. Richard Light, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Martha Farmer

Martha Farmer, PhD Executive VP Board Member

Shawn Bengtson

Shawn Bengtson, RQAP-GLP
Quality Assurance Advisor

Virginia Rentko

Virginia Rentko, VMD
Veterinary Advisor

Jerry Holmberg

Jerry Holmberg PhD
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Aryeh Shander, MD, FCCM

Dr. Aryeh Shander, MD, FCCM
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Kenneth Burhop, PhD

Dr. Kenneth Burhop, PhD Scientific Advisor

VirTech Bio Development Lab

Learn more about the development lab and dedicated team producing our ground breaking OxyBridge™ HBOC platform and new innovations in the pipeline.

OxyBridge™ Funding

The US Department of Defense has made an oxygen-carrying resuscitation solution a top priority to address field emergencies where a blood transfusion is simply not an option. VirTech Bio has been awarded $13.7M in non-dilutive funding. $10M of that from the US Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC), via the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC), and an additional $1.7M from US Special Operations Command (SOCOM). This non-dilutive funding effectively leverages the $6.7M in equity funding thus far invested. The awarded funds cover most of the R&D, the cost of eGMP manufacture of OxyBridge™, and the planned Phase 1 clinical study. OxyBridge™ is the most advanced human-derived HBOC platform currently in development for hemorraghic shock and donor organ transplantation. The DoD investment has helped establish VirTech Bio as the leader in the field of hemoglobin oxygen carrier solutions. Please contact us for additional information on our next round of funding: [email protected]

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