When blood is not an option.


Hemorrhage is the leading cause of trauma-related death in both civilian and military populations.


We’re reshaping the modern blood replacement protocols and striving to save more lives.





Supercharged oxygen delivery
Human-derived, hemoglobin-based

We’ve developed a ready-to-use oxygen-carrying plasma expander to restore circulatory system parameters.

With $5.6 million in non-dilutive grants from the Department of Defense, we’re investigating the product’s use as a pre-hospital, low-volume, oxygen-delivering resuscitation fluid in humans.

Administered like blood (IV)


Virus free and sterile

Easy to use

Universally compatible

Can be stockpiled

Multi-year room temperature stable

Increases bloodstream oxygen

Improves oxygen uptake through the lungs

breaks reliance on the cold chain

Indicated for Blood Loss

  • Delivers oxygen
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Improves coagulation when combined with plasma
  • Not refrigerated, can be used out of hospitals
  • Used pre-hospital as a low volume resuscitation fluid during hemorrhage when blood is not an option
  • Estimated $11 billion annual market

Indicated for Emergencies

  • Stockpiled for emergency preparedness use during catastrophic events where the blood supply is interrupted or contaminated
  • Estimated $600 million annual market

Indicated for Lung Dysfunction

  • Delivered i.v., independent of ventilator use
  • Increases uptake through lungs
  • Oxygen delivered to reduce flow regions
  • May prevent need to go on ventilator
  • Used as an adjunct to circulating Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) to increase oxygen uptake and release during conditions of hypoxia due to lung damage or vasculature occlusions (e.g COVID-19)
  • Market Developing

Indicated for Organ Transplantation

  • Use of the system will help preserve  organs longer, increase utilization, and improve transplant outcomes
  • Teamed with Organ Assist to provide a  complete system for ex vivo organ maintenance
  • Used as an oxygen-delivering perfusate in an organ perfusion system (partnering with OrganAssist – Netherlands) to improve outcomes of organ transplants
  • Estimated $500 million annual market


COL (Ret) Dallas Hack, MD, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

  • Former Multinational Force Iraq Command Surgeon
  • Director, Combat Casualty Care, Chair of Joint Program Committee 6, 2008-2014

Kim Vandergriff, PhD

Vice President, Research & Development

  • Co-authored 30+ years leading R&D teams in drug development in Military,  Academic, and Industry  Laboratories
  • Over 50 peer-reviewed publications and several patents

Phil Farabaugh

Vice President, Operations

  • 10+ years of operations and financial roles related to commercial  strategy, corporate compliance and contract management
  • $6.5M in grants including NIH, SOCOM and DOD

W. Richard Light, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

  • 30 + years in biologic drug development through all aspects including  commercialization
  • $7MM in grants and over 12 patents

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